Overview of UTI Mutual Fund: 

Do you want to invest in one of the most trusted and admired brands among the investors? Look nowhere else as the UTI Asset Management Company Limited (UTI AMC) has been managing the wealth of its over 1 crore investors since 1964 and making them financially empowered with a plethora of asset management schemes whether its equity, debt, hybrid or even tax-planning funds. Doesn’t matter what your risk appetite is, UTI Mutual Fund will gratify it with a kind of fund which you’ll feel that is only made for you. A mutual fund from the UTI will ensure that you can achieve your desired financial goals.

List of UTI Mutual Fund Schemes:

UTI broadly offers equity, debt and hybrid funds.

Types of Equity Funds

An equity fund helps in getting you an appreciation in your capital over a period of time with a slightly medium to higher risk percentage. As you can see by the name, a UTI equity fund primarily invests in equity instruments i.e, in shares of different companies. UTI AMC offers a wide range of equity mutual funds from which you can choose the most suitable one for you. You can see the list mentioned below. 

  • UTI Mastershare Fund
  • UTI Midcap Fund
  • UTI MNC Fund
  • UTI Banking and Financial Services Fund
  • UTI Transportation and Logistics Fund
  • UTI Long Term Equity Fund
  • UTI Value Opportunities Fund
  • UTI Healthcare Fund
  • UTI Core Equity Fund
  • UTI Equity Fund
  • UTI Infrastructure Fund
  • UTI Bluechip Flexicap Fund
  • UTI Nifty Index Fund
  • UTI CCF Investment Plan Fund
  • UTI India Lifestyle Fund

UTI Mastershare Fund: Regarded as India’s first equity oriented fund launched in 1986, the primary investment objective of this fund is to attain a long-term capital appreciation by investing mainly in equity and equity-related instruments. 

UTI Midcap Fund: This fund by UTI AMC essentially aims to achieve a significant increase in the capital over a long period by investing in equity and equity-related instruments of midcap companies. 
UTI MNC Fund: Having its investment objective as the wealth creation, this fund invests predominantly in the stocks of multinational corporations (MNCs) since they have a higher potential of capital appreciation with a lower percentage of risk. 

UTI Banking and Financial Services Fund: This type of fund principally invests in the stocks of companies functioning in the category of banking, insurance, and finances with the sole goal of capital appreciation.

UTI Transportation and Logistics Fund: Having the top equity holdings in companies like Maruti Suzuki India and Mahindra & Mahindra, this fund invests in the stocks of companies involved in the transportation and logistics sector. 

UTI Long Term Equity Fund: Having the sole objective of capital appreciation over a long period of time by investing in equity and equity-related instruments, this fund possesses holdings in companies like HDFC and ICICI Bank.

UTI Value Opportunities Fund: This fund looks to achieve capital appreciation by taking account of values of a particular sector from various sectors available and thus, investing in equity and equity-related instruments. 

UTI Healthcare Fund: This equity fund majorly invests equity and equity-related investments in the stocks of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector companies. 

UTI Core Equity Fund: This fund always looks for an appreciation in the capital by investing in equity and equity-related instruments of the large and mid-cap companies to get both stability and higher returns. 

UTI Equity Fund: This UTI fund invests in equity related stocks in the large-cap companies (high-quality businesses) to get strong capital appreciation over a longer period of time. 

UTI Infrastructure Fund: Having a higher metric of risk, this fund invests in those companies who invest in the infrastructure sector of the Indian economy in any way, whether it’s direct or indirect. 

UTI Nifty Index Fund: This fund has major holdings in companies like Reliance Industries, HDFC, and Infosys. It primarily invests equity-related instruments in the stocks of major large-cap companies. 

UTI CCF Investment Plan Fund: The investment objective of this fund is to achieve capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity-related instruments of various companies. 

UTI India Lifestyle Fund: This fund invests in equity and equity-related instruments of various companies belonging to several categories from FMCG to automobiles. Its major holdings are in companies like ITC, Asian Paints, and Maruti Suzuki India. 

Types of Debt Funds: 

A debt fund helps you in ensuring a regular and stable flow of income with having minimum returns. A UTI Debt fund invests in debt instruments of various companies to ensure that you get your stable returns over a period of time. If you want to invest your money for a longer period of time with having a lower risk appetite, this type of fund will be perfect for you. Moreover, UTI AMC has a wide array of Debt funds from which you can choose. The list is mentioned below. 

  • UTI Gilt Fund
  • UTI Bond Fund
  • UTI Medium Term Fund
  • UTI Liquid Cash Fund
  • UTI Ultra Short Term Fund
  • UTI Credit Risk Fund
  • UTI Overnight Fund

UTI Gilt Fund: This debt fund from UTI invests in government securities to achieve a regular capital appreciation with minimal risk and highest security involved. This a perfect investment option for people with moderate risk capacity. 

UTI Bond Fund: Having its most holdings in GOI securities and debentures, this UTI fund aims to achieve stable and regular returns over a long investment horizon. 

UTI Medium Term Fund: Suitable for a 3 to 4-year investment horizon, this fund capitalizes on the interest earned and capital appreciation with having most of its investments in government securities. 

UTI Ultra Short Term Fund: Having the least risk involved, this debt fund by UTI aims to get a regular income through investment in debt instruments with a short maturity period.

UTI Credit Risk Fund: This UTI debt mutual fund aims to achieve interest income and capital appreciation through making an investment in securities having short-term maturity. 

Types of Hybrid Funds: 

Hybrid funds are the kind of funds that invest in more than two asset classes. These asset classes can be equity instruments, debt instruments, gold or even in cash. The allocation of these assets can vary from one category to another category of hybrid funds. These funds from the UTI AMC are just perfect for a budding as well as a seasoned investor as they offer a stable return with minimal risk involved. UTI offers a wide range of hybrid mutual funds from which you can choose one for you.

  • UTI Arbitrage Fund
  • UTI Hybrid Equity Fund
  • UTI Multi Asset Fund

UTI Arbitrage Fund: If you’re someone who wants to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities with having lower risk then this UTI fund will be perfect for you to invest. It invests the remaining portion in the debt instruments, money market, and FDs. 

UTI Hybrid Equity Fund: This aggressive hybrid fund from UTI AMC aims to achieve capital appreciation as well as regular income for a longer period by investing primarily in equity and equity-related instruments of different companies. 

UTI Multi Asset Fund: This UTI hybrid fund is perfect for those people who want a diverse investment portfolio as this fund look to achieve capital appreciation by investing in equity, debt, and gold classes. 

What are the various methods by which you can invest in UTI Mutual Fund? 

Well, there are mainly two ways by which you can invest in UTI mutual funds - Lumpsum and SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). In a situation when you have a large sum of money in your hand and you want to invest the full amount of money for a definite period of time, then the lumpsum method would be appropriate for you. 

While in the SIP method, you can invest a fixed amount scheduled at a regular frequency of daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually according to your financial goals.

How can you calculate the SIP amount with the help of the UTI Mutual Fund SIP Calculator?

While investing in a UTI mutual fund, if you’ve decided to opt for the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) method, you must be thinking about how can a small periodic installment of money helps you in creating a large sum of money. Worry not, because you can calculate the amount you will get after a definite period with the help of UTI Mutual Fund SIP Calculator. To use this calculator, you only need a few basic details and you’ll get the result within a second. These details are as follows.

Monthly Investment Amount ( Choose according to your financial capability)
Expected Rate of Return (Choose according to your financial goal)
Number of months for which you want to invest

For example, if your monthly budget allows you to invest INR 2000 per month to invest in a UTI Mutual fund and your expected rate of return is moderate 12% per annum for a longer period of 120 months. You’ll fill all these details into the SIP calculator, and you will get the total investment amount as INR 2,40,00 and the amount you’ll get will be INR 4,64,678.15 which means that your capital grows by 1.94 times which is approximately 2 times. All this can be done in a fast and hassle-free manner by UTI mutual fund SIP calculator. 

What is UTI Mutual Fund NAV?

Any mutual fund’s overall worth can be defined by the NAV (Net Asset Value) of that fund. The chances of having a popular fund having a higher net asset value are pretty high. The NAV of any mutual fund tends to rise and fall according to the market fluctuations. You can calculate the value of NAV by subtracting the value of the scheme’s assets per unit from the value of its liabilities per unit. NAV is the price at which you buy the mutual fund when you want to invest in it.

How to check the performance of the UTI Mutual Fund?

You can check the performance of a UTI mutual fund by observing its previous performance and the returns that it provided to its customers. You would also want to define your investment goals so that you would be able to compare among the right funds for you to invest in. 

Where to find the UTI Mutual Fund Common application form?

You can find the common application form by visiting the official website of the UTI mutual fund. There, you will see a section of ‘Forms and Downloads’. On going into the section, you can choose the desired category of fund whether it's hybrid, debt, equity or any other. After this, you will need to choose the fund in that category. After these two steps, you will get the link to download the common application form for that particular UTI mutual fund. You’ll have to fill it up by your basic details like your name, address, date of birth, etc. 

How can you invest in UTI Mutual Fund Online @Wishfin?

You can invest in your favorite UTI Mutual Funds online via Wishfin, an online financial marketplace where you can also compare different mutual funds and their performances. You just need to follow a few steps which are shown below. 

Step I - Go to the ‘Mutual Fund’ tab and then scroll to the UTI Mutual Fund Login’ link.

Step II - Click on it and get to a page asking you to feed either your mobile number or email ID as well as an OTP, which you can receive on your phone by clicking on ‘Get OTP’. 

Step III- Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number 

Step IV - Next, you will see a page, titled as ‘Invest Ready’

Step V- Fill up all your personal and professional details and start investing instantly. 

How can you get UTI Mutual Fund Account Statement?

You can check your MF account statement on your registered email id or you can get it from the official website of UTI MF. A customer account statement will consist of investor information like the name of all holders, mobile number, Email id, and a few transaction details. It is advised to keep an eye on the statement regularly so you can be updated about your investment status and also in case of any error, you can rectify it regularly. 

How to contact UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care?

If you have any queries related to any mutual fund’s NAV, return or account statement, you can reach out to the UTI customer care executives on the toll-free number 1800-26-61230 available 24*7, 365 days. 

Key People in UTI Asset Management Company Limited:

You can see the names of people working as the board of directors, trustees, and senior management in the UTI AMC mentioned below.
AMC Board of Directors:
The list of board of directors is mentioned below at which you want to have a look at. 

  • Mr D K Mehrotra
  • Mr Edward Cage Bernard
  • Mr Flemming Madsen
  • Mr N Seshadri
  • Mrs Uttara Dasgupta
  • Mr Deepak Chatterjee
  • Mr Imtaiyazur Rahman
  • Mr Ashok Shah

AMC Fund Managers:

You can have a glance at the fund managers of UTI AMC given below.

  • Vetri Subramaniam (Equity)
  • Amandeep Chopra (Fixed Income)
  • Swati Kulkarni (Equity)
  • Sanjay Ramdas Dongre (Equity)
  • Sudhir Agrawal (Fixed Income)
  • Ajay Tyagi (Equity)
  • Sachin Trivedi (Equity) 
  • V Srivatsa (Equity)
  • Amit Premchandani (Equity)
  • Sharwan Kumar Goyal (Equity)
  • Sunil Patil (Debt) 
  • Ritesh Nambiar (Credit Risk)
  • Amit Sharma (Debt)
  • Vishal Chopda (Research Analyst)
  • Ankit Agarwal (Mid Cap Fund) 

AMC Senior Management:

  • Mr. Imtaiyazur Rahman (Whole Time Director)
  • Mr. Amandeep Chopra (Group President & Head of Fixed Income)
  • Mr. Vetri Subramaniam (Group President & Head of Equity)
  • Mr. S. L. Pandian (Head -  Legal, Internal Audit & Operating Risk) 
  • Mr. Vivek Maheshwari (Executive Vice President) 

AMC Trustees:

The trustees of UTI AMC are given below.

  • Shri. S Ravi (Senior Partner) 
  • Dr. P G Apte
  • Shri A Ramesh Kumar
  • Mr. Suhail Nathani
  • Mr Shiva Kumar
  • Shri S K Kapahi