Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

Overview of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

Franklin Mutual Fund is a flagship of Franklin Templeton Asset Management(India) Pvt. Ltd. As the association of the company in India originates from over 2 decades as an investor but the major focus has always remained in investing in the markets throughout the world. In accordance with such objective, Franklin Templeton India office was established in 1996 as Templeton Asset Management India Pvt. Limited. The first mutual fund launched in India was Templeton India Growth Fund in September 1996 and since then the company has outgrown in the mutual fund business, the presence can be seen at an extensive pace.

The investment options in Franklin Mutual Fund accompanies a diverse suite of mutual fund products which look forward to fulfilling the varied needs of investors with respect to their long-term investment and short-term investment requirements.

Board of Directors for Franklin Templeton Asset Management(India) Pvt. Ltd.

The list of board of directors are as under:

1. Independent Directors

  • Peter K. Barker (Compensation Chairperson)
  • Mariann Byerwalter (Audit Member)
  • Mark C. Pigott (Compensation & Corporate Governance Member)
  • Chutta Ratnathicam (Audit Chairperson)
  • Laura Stein (Audit Member & Corporate Governance Chairman)
  • Seth Waugh (Compensation Member)
  • Geoffrey Y. Yang (Audit Member & Corporate Governance Member)

2. Non-Independent Directors

  • Gregory E. Johnson (Chairman of the Franklin Resources, Inc. Board of Directors)
  • Rupert H. Johnson, Jr.
  • Charles E. Johnson


The registrar of Franklin Templeton Asset Management(India) Pvt. Ltd. is Karvy Computershare Private Limited.

Fund Managers

1. Equity Fund Managers

  • Lakshmikanth Reddy
  • Janakiraman Rengaraju
  • Roshi Jain
  • Anand Radhakrishnan
  • Srikesh Karunakaran Nair
  • Varun Sharma
  • Hari Shyamsunder
  • Vikas Chiranewal

2. Debt Fund Managers

  • Umesh Sharma
  • Sachin Shankar Padwal Desai
  • Santosh Kamath
  • Sumit Gupta
  • Kunal Agarwal
  • Pallab Roy

3. International Fund Managers

  • Uwe Zoellner
  • Robert Mazzuoli
  • Grant Bowers
  • Sara Araghi

Products offered by Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

1. Franklin Templeton ELSS Funds

Equity Linked Savings schemes are tax saving schemes offered by Franklin Mutual Fund which offers tax savings of upto ₹ 46,350/- under section-80 C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The fund offers you an opportunity to derive capital appreciation over the medium to long-term investment horizon with tax benefits. The lock-in period of this fund is of three years along with with a tax deduction limit of upto ₹ 1.50 lakhs. By investing in Franklin Templeton ELSS Funds help you to gain potential upside of investing in equity markets. Franklin India Tax Shield is the only ELSS fund offered by Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund.

2. Franklin Templeton Equity Funds

Equity funds are those funds which invest in stock markets directly. These funds have the potential of amassing high growth returns with medium to high risk by investing in such shares. There are eleven equity funds offered by Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund:

  • Franklin Build India Fund
  • Franklin India Bluechip Fund
  • Franklin India Flexicap Fund
  • Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund
  • Franklin India Index Fund-NSE Nifty Plan
  • Franklin India Opportunities Fund
  • Franklin India Prima Fund
  • Franklin India Prima Plus
  • Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund
  • Franklin India Technology Fund
  • Templeton India Equity Income Fund

3. Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Fund

Fixed Income funds are meant for investing in bonds and other debt securities. They are primarily designed for wealth building while perpetuating the initial investment. Investors who want to boost up their existing income can invest in these funds by assuming low to moderate levels of risk. There are thirteen fixed income mutual funds list offered by Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund:

  • Franklin India Banking & PSU Debt Fund
  • Franklin India Corporate Bond Opportunities Fund
  • Franklin India Fixed Maturity Plans-Series 1-Plan A(1108 Days)
  • Franklin India Fixed Maturity Plans-Series 1-Plan B(1104 Days)
  • Franklin India Government Securities Fund-Composite Plan & PF Plan
  • Franklin India Government Securities Fund-Long Term Plan
  • Franklin India Income Builder Fund
  • Franklin India Savings Plus Fund

4. Franklin Templeton Hybrid Funds

Hybrid funds are meant to invest in a balanced combination of debt and equity instruments. These are apt for those investors who aspire to invest in a mixed proportion of equity and debt in order to derive optimal returns and manage volatility at the same time. Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund offers the following types of hybrid funds as under:

  • Franklin India Balanced Fund
  • Franklin India Dynamic PE Ratio Fund of Funds
  • Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds -20's Plan
  • Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds- 30' Plan
  • Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds -40's Plan
  • Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds-50's Plus Floating Rate Plan
  • Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds-50's Plus Plan
  • Franklin India Monthly Income Plan
  • Franklin India Multi-Asset Solution Fund
  • Franklin India Pension Plan

5. Franklin Templeton International Funds

International Funds act as the multi-manager funds which seek to avoid Indian exposure in mutual funds which originate from the market coercion such as rating downgrades, high inflation, policy upheaval, financial fraud and slowdown in earnings. These funds have a mixed combination of equity and debt securities, although high-risks which are meant to generate higher returns. The best international mutual funds in India offered from the shores of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund are:

  • Franklin Asian Equity Funds
  • Franklin India Feeder-Franklin European Growth Fund
  • Franklin India Feeder-Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund

Disclaimer: Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.