Introduction of IDFC Mutual Fund

Managed by IDFC AMC Trustee Company Private Limited, IDFC Mutual Fund was established in the year 2000, and it has become one of the largest mutual fund companies in India when it comes to the Assets Under Management (AUM). It is the total worth of assets a mutual fund house handles on behalf of the investors. IDFC Mutual Fund has a total AUM of more than INR 82,261 crore as of June 2019 which makes it among the five top mutual fund houses in India. IDFC Asset Management Company has been handling the assets of its investors from the last 19 years and has built a great amount of trust for itself by giving the investors exciting returns. 

If you’re an investor and looking for a mutual fund scheme to invest in so that you can achieve your investment goals, then look nowhere else than IDFC Mutual Fund as it offers a wide range of schemes such as equity, debt and hybrid. IDFC has currently over 250 mutual fund schemes from which you can choose the one according to your risk appetite and financial goals. 

IDFC Mutual Fund Schemes

IDFC Equity Fund:

IDFC Mutual Fund house offers to gain a higher return over a period with a moderate to a high percentage of risk attached. An equity fund is perfect for investors who can bear a higher degree of risk in their investment and ready to invest for a long time horizon. IDFC Equity mutual funds invest a large share of their money in equity and equity-related instruments. IDFC has a total of 8 equity funds from which you can choose the suitable one for you. We are giving an overview of all these funds so that you can take a better decision while choosing. Below is a list of IDFC Equity Funds. 

IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund: As clear from the name, this IDFC equity fund is an Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) and aims to generate capital appreciation through a diversified equity portfolio and investors can also have a discount while tax deduction by investing in this fund.

IDFC Multi Cap Fund:  Formerly known as IDFC Premier Equity Fund, this IDFC equity fund invests largely in the equity and equity-related instruments of the large, mid, and small-capitalization companies to get a higher return on the investment. This fund focuses on those companies that are growing and have more chances of market penetration. 

IDFC Core Equity Fund: This IDFC equity fund predominantly invests in the stocks of large and mid-cap companies to gain higher returns over a period. Having a pool of quality companies under its wing, this fund has most of its asset allocation in the finances and auto sector. 

IDFC Nifty Fund: To replicate the performance of the Nifty 50 Index, this IDFC fund primarily invests in securities of Nifty 50 companies. Having around 99.45% investment in equity and equity-related instruments, this fund aims to achieve capital appreciation.

IDFC Sterling Value Fund: Previously known as IDFC Sterling Equity Fund, this scheme invests largely in the stocks of mid and small-cap organizations with an emphasis on bottom-up stock selection. This fund comes under the value category of asset schemes.

IDFC Large Cap Fund: Having its sole objective as wealth creation, this fund invests in equity and equity-related instruments of the large-cap companies. 80% to 100% share of investment goes to the large-cap companies and the rest 0-20% goes to small-cap companies.  

IDFC Focused Equity Fund: This IDFC fund invests a maximum of 30 stocks at a time to achieve the concentrated portfolio and mainly invests in businesses that are growth-oriented. This fund comes under the Focused category of equity funds. 

IDFC Infrastructure Fund: This IDFC fund largely invests in stocks of companies related to infrastructure with having exclusions of industries like Banking, Auto, IT, Pharma, and FMCG. This fund comes under the sectoral category of asset schemes. 

IDFC Debt Fund: 

For an investor who wants to earn a stable and regular return over the investment horizon with having minimal to absolutely no risk involved, the IDFC debt fund will be perfect to invest the money in. An IDFC debt fund invests largely of its assets into bonds, debentures, certificates of deposit, etc. IDFC AMC offers a total of 11 debt funds from which you can choose the right one for you according to your investment goals and risk appetite. You can have a look at them below. 

IDFC Government Securities Fund - Constant Maturity Plan: This debt fund by IDFC aims to achieve optimal returns by investing mainly in government securities, State Development Loans (SDLs), etc with having an average maturity portfolio of 10 years. 

IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund Regular Plan: Having an investment largely in debt and money market instruments, this IDFC debt fund looks to get optimal returns according to the intuition of which portfolio will sustain for a longer period of time.

IDFC Government Securities Fund: As evident from the name, this IDFC debt fund invests in government securities to achieve optimal returns with a higher percentage of liquidity. This fund comes under the gilt category of mutual funds. 

IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan: Formerly known as IDFC Super Saver Income Fund, this scheme looks to achieve regular returns over the investment horizon by investing in top rates money market and debt instruments which also includes government securities. 

IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan: Previously known as IDFC Super Saver, this fund is perfect for a 4-years of the investment horizon as it invests in a blend of debt and money market instruments with a lower percentage of risk involved.

IDFC Low Duration Fund: This IDFC debt fund, as the name suggests, is perfect for a short investment horizon as it looks to generate returns through accrual income. This fund only invests in high-quality debt and money market instruments. 

IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund: This debt-oriented mutual fund scheme offers flexibility to investors as they can invest in one or more than one fund within the pool of many short term offerings of the fund. It comes under the fund of funds (FOF) category. 

IDFC Banking and PSU Debt Fund: This IDFC debt mutual fund aims to achieve a regular income and capital appreciation through investing in debt and money market instruments of banks, public sector undertakings, etc

IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan: With having a maximum of 2 years as investment portfolio maturity, this debt fund by IDFC AMC primarily invests in short-term money market and debt instruments. The bond duration of the portfolio can be between 1 to 3 years. 

IDFC Cash Fund: Having the category of its as liquid, this IDFC mutual fund aims to generate capital appreciation with low risk attached with it by investing in top-performing debt and money market instruments. 

IDFC Money Manager Fund: This IDFC fund aims to achieve accrual income by investing only in debt and money market instruments that have short term maturity. This debt-oriented fund comes under the money market category. 

IDFC Hybrid Fund: 

IDFC Mutual Fund House offers a wide range of Hybrid funds to choose from. What makes hybrid funds, also known as Balanced Funds, different from equity and debt funds is the fact that it aims to achieve both capital appreciation and stable income by investing two or more than two asset classes. These asset classes can be stocks, securities, gold or even in cash. Though, the allocation ratio of these asset classes can be different from one hybrid fund to another. The percentage of risk involved in these types of funds is considered to be minimal. You can have a look at the various IDFC Hybrid Funds mentioned below.

IDFC Asset Allocation Fund of Funds - Conservative Plan: This IDFC hybrid fund helps in achieving the much needed diversification in the portfolio by investing in equity, debt and gold instruments. The debt asset classes are generally investing in short term funds to gain a stable income.

IDFC Regular Savings Fund - Previously known as IDFC Monthly Income Fund, this hybrid fund primarily invests upto 75% in debt related instruments and rest 25% in equity related instruments. This fund comes under the conservative hybrid schemes.

IDFC Asset Allocation Fund of Funds- Moderate Plan: This fund scheme by IDFC aims to optimize the returns by investing in both equity and debt instruments.

IDFC Asset Allocation Fund of Funds- Aggressive Plan: This hybrid fund primarily invests in three asset classes , equity, debt and gold, with a larger percentage of allocation in equity instruments because of the aggressive nature of it. 

IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund: This hybrid funds largely in equity instruments with the allocation of equity keeps changing according to the price to earnings ratio (P/E) ratio of Nifty 50 Index. This fund has a total of 6 different ranges of equity allocation possible. 

IDFC Hybrid Equity Fund: Formerly known as IDFC Balanced Fund, this scheme looks to achieve capital appreciation and stable returns by investing in 65% to 80% of assets in equity and 20% to 35% in debt instruments. 

IDFC Arbitrage Fund - Regular Plan: Having top equity holdings in companies like ITC, Reliance Industries, Axis Bank, etc and debt holdings in Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, etc, this fund primarily investing in arbitrage opportunities in the cash. 

Methods to make an investment in one of the IDFC Mutual Funds:

Now you know all about the various kinds of funds provided by IDFC, we will be telling you about the methods by which you can make an investment. Mainly, there are only two ways of it - SIP (Systematic Investment Planning) and Lumpsum. In the first method, you can invest a definite amount of money which you have to pay this amount at a fixed interval of time. This can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. While, in the lumpsum method, you can invest your large chunk of money for a definite period of time. 

What do you mean by the NAV of IDFC Mutual Fund?

The NAV (Net Asset Value) of any fund denotes the overall value of that particular mutual fund. By having the NAV of any fund, you can have an estimate about his current performance. NAV of any fund is the per share/unit price of that fund at a specific time which tends to change according to the up and down in the market because of various factors. 

How to check the performance of IDFC Mutual Fund?

If you want to check the performance of any mutual funds of IDFC, you should check its previous performance which includes its return behavior given to the investors over the investment horizon. It’s also important to have your financial objectives clear before deciding the one for you as different mutual funds have different objectives to achieve. So, checking your financial capability and risk appetite is a must  before deciding on the perfect IDFC fund for you. 

How Can You Get the IDFC Common Application Form?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps in order to download the common application form.

Step 1: Go to the official website of IDFC Mutual Fund.

Step 2: You will see a ‘Downloads’ category at the top. You’ll get to the IDFC Mutual Fund Downloads section.

Step 3: You’ll see the section of ‘Fund Downloads’ section there. You can choose any fund from all the funds mentioned there and download the Key Information Memorandum (KIM) and Common Application Form from there. 

How can you invest in IDFC Mutual Fund Online @Wishfin?

You can invest in any IDFC Mutual Fund online via Wishfin -  an online financial marketplace where you can also compare different mutual funds. Just follow a few steps which are shown below. 

Step I - Go to the ‘Mutual Fund’ tab and then scroll to the IDFC Mutual Fund Login’ link.

Step II - Click on it and get to a page where you’ll have to fill either your mobile number or email ID as well as an OTP, which you can receive on your phone by clicking on ‘Get OTP’. 

Step III- Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number 

Step IV - Next, you will see a page, titled as ‘Invest Ready’

Step V- Fill up all your personal and professional details and start investing right away!

How can you get the IDFC Mutual Fund Account Statement?

You can get your IDFC mutual fund account statement by two methods. First is Online, and second is through call. For the first method, you can login to your account, and just by clicking on the ‘Transaction Report’ under the Account Transaction section, you can download your account statement for the date range you’ve chosen. You can also check the status of your account statement.

The second method to call the IDFC Mutual Fund Toll-free number 1-800-2666688 by which you can get access to your account statement. 

How Can You Get in Touch with the IDFC Mutual Fund Customer Care?

On having any query related to any IDFC mutual fund, you can call to the IDFC customer care executives on 1-800-2666688 available anytime to solve your problems. If your query is related to any non-financial matter, you can call 1-800-30066688. You can also send an email to them on their official email address which you can find in the official website of IDFC.

Key People involved with the IDFC Mutual Fund:

Below, you can see the list of names of important people working as AMC Directors, Trustee Director, and other key personnel. 

AMC Board of Directors:

You can have a look at the people who are working as the Board of Directors in the IDFC AMC below.

AMC Trustee Directors: 

Below is the list of people working as the Trustee Directors in IDFC AMC. You can have a look at them. 

Key Personnel in IDFC Asset Management Company

IDFC AMC Fund Managers: