Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund

Overview of Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund

Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited has emerged as a result of the joint venture between two large and well-established financial services companies such as Bank of Baroda and Pioneer Investments. Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund has been placed to cater to the different asset management needs of investors throughout India with a varied range of equity, debt and money market instruments. Since the initiation of the joint venture in 2008, Baroda Pioneer has been functioning to become the operational and servicing platform which is fully equipped to meet the exact requirements of existing and potential investors. Moreover, the Pioneer Global Asset Management S.p.A. and Bank of Baroda acts as a sponsor of the company as well as Baroda Pioneer Trustee Company Private Ltd acts as the trustee.

The company has an extensive network throughout 40 locations in India. With an emphasis on promoting the overall customer experience, Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company is functioning towards :

  • Augmenting the existing product range including products that will provide investors with an extensive choice appropriate to their varied needs and risk profiles.
  • Providing accessibility to international product offerings through the range of products available with Pioneer Investments across its global network.
  • Providing superior and continuous investment performance through sound local investment management backed by expertise available across the globe.
  • Creating various access points for investors through the extensive branch network of Bank of Baroda.
  • Bringing the greater levels of compliance and corporate governance.
  • Introducing increasingly innovative and useful service characterizing on an ongoing basis.
  • Making it simpler for investors to obtain spontaneous and efficient/effective/the best levels of customer service.

Board of Directors for Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited

The list of board of directors are as under:

AMC Directors

  • Mr. Jack Lin (Associate Director)
  • Mr. Anthony Heredia (Associate Director)
  • Mr. Mayank Mehta (Associate Director)
  • Mr. Sanjay Grover (Associate Director)

Trustee Directors

  • Mr. M.P. Mehrotra (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Shiv Dayal (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Rohit Arora (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Dhanpal Jhaveri (Independent Director)


The registrar of Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited is M/s Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd.

Fund Managers

The fund managers are classified as follows:

  • Mr. Dipak Acharya (Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Ms. Hetal P. Shah (Fund Manager-Debt)
  • Sanjay Chawla (Fund Manager- Equity)
  • Alok Sahoo (Fund Manager-Debt & Liquid schemes)
  • Hetal Shah (Fund Manager-Debt & Liquid Schemes)

Products offered by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund

1. Equity Schemes

These schemes provide long-term capital appreciation through investment in stocks or shares of highly rated companies. Baroda Pioneer equity funds are known for their continuity in performance and generate high returns. The following are the equity schemes offered by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund:

  • Baroda Pioneer Mid-Cap Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer Large-Cap Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer ELSS'96
  • Baroda Pioneer Growth Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer Balance Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer Banking and Financial Services Fund

2. Debt Income Schemes

These schemes offer lower returns and are invested in different varieties of short-term fixed income instruments such as treasury bills, commercial paper, certificate of deposit and government bonds. The following are the schemes offered by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund:

  • Baroda Pioneer Short-Term Bond Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer Treasury Advantage Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer Income Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer Gilt Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer MIP Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer Dynamic Bond Fund
  • Baroda Pioneer Credit Opportunities Fund

3. Liquid Schemes

The liquid schemes offered by Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund come under low-risk category which provides moderate returns and are suited to those investors who have the short-term investment horizon.

Disclaimer :Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.