Overview of UTI Mutual Fund

UTI Mutual Fund is one of the leading mutual funds in India. Established on January 14, 2003, UTI Mutual Fund chalks out its path and started following the visionary footsteps of UTI Asset Management Co. Ltd.(UTIAMC). The UTIAMC is appointed by UTI Trustee Co. Ltd for managing the UTI Mutual Fund schemes and the schemes transferred/migrated from the former Unit Trust of India.

UTI Mutual Fund has a proven track record of managing variety of schemes fulfilling the needs of every class of citizens. It has nationwide distributors comprising of 150 UTI Financial Centres(UFCs) and UTI International Offices in London, Dubai, and Singapore.

UTIAMC accommodates a team of dedicated professional fund managers who have engaged themselves fully to manage the schemes with greater efficiency and accountability in the sole interests of the unit holders. The fund managers are backed by a strong in-house securities research department which is also accompanied by a risk-management department in operation.

UTI Mutual Fund's investment philosophy aims to generate consistent and steady returns in the medium to long-term with a fairly lower volatility of the fund returns as against the broad market. A well balanced and diversified portfolio of all the funds and a disciplined in-house research-based approach to all its investment becomes the backbone of the UTIAMC.

Moreover, UTI Mutual Fund adopts an investment approach which gives equal significance to asset allocation and sectoral allocation, identical to security selection method while managing the fund. It combines top-down and bottom-up approaches to allow the portfolios/funds to adjust to different market conditions so as to avoid missing out any investment avenue.

Board of Directors for UTI Asset Management Company Ltd.

The list of board of directors are as under:

1. AMC Directors

  • Mr. Leo Puri (Managing Director)
  • Mr. James Sellers Riepe (Associate Director)
  • Mr. Flemming Madsen (Associate Director)
  • Mr. P.N Venkatachalam (Former Managing Director of State Bank of India and State Bank of Travancore)
  • Mr. M.V Suryanarayana (Former Executive Director of LIC of India and CEO/Director of LIC AMC Ltd.)
  • Mr. Sumit Bose
  • Mrs. Uttara Dasgupta
  • Mr. N Seshadri
  • Mr. D.K. Mehrotra

2. Trustee Directors

  • Shri. Ashok K Kini (Trustee Chairman)
  • Shri. S Ravi (Senior Partner at Ravi Rajan & Co. Chartered Accountants)
  • Dr. P G Apte
  • Shri. C E S Azariah
  • Shri A Ramesh Kumar
  • Mr. Suhail Nathani (Partner at Economic Laws Practice)


The registrar of UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. is Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd.

Fund Managers

The fund managers are classified as follows:

  • Ms. Swati Kulkarni (Executive Vice President and Fund Manager-Equities)
  • Mr. Amandeep Chopra (Group President & Head-Fixed Income)
  • Mr. Manish Joshi (Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-PMS)
  • Mr. Sanjay Ramdas Dongre (Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Mr. Sudhir Agrawal (Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-Fixed Income)
  • Mr. Lalit Nambiar (Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Mr. Ajay Tyagi (Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Mr. Ranjan Kumar Biswal (Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-PMS)
  • Mr. Kaushik Basu (Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Ms. Shilpita Guha (Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-Offshore Equity)
  • Mr. Sachin Dinesh Trivedi (Senior Vice President & Co-Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Mr. V. Srivatsa (Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-Offshore Equity)

Products offered by UTI Mutual Fund

1. UTI Equity Fund

These funds, as the name suggests, directly invest in the stock markets. It aims to deliver the potential for higher growth and returns with medium to high risk by investing in shares. The best way to invest money in UTI Equity Fund is to make a right selection of equity mutual funds from the following category:

Diversified Funds

  • UTI Equity Fund
  • UTI Mastershare Unit Scheme
  • UTI Multi Cap Fund

Specialty/Theme Based Fund

  • UTI Dividend Yield Fund
  • UTI-India Lifestyle Fund
  • UTI-Infrastructure Fund
  • UTI-Bluechip Flexicap Fund
  • UTI-MidCap Fund
  • UTI-MNC Fund
  • UTI-Opportunities Fund
  • UTI-Wealth Builder Fund

Sector Funds

  • UTI Banking Sector Fund
  • UTI Pharma & Healthcare Fund
  • UTI-Transportation & Logistics Fund

Tax Planning Funds

  • UTI Long-Term Equity Fund(Tax Saving)
  • UTI-Master Equity Plan Unit Scheme
  • UTI Long-Term Advantage Series-I
  • UTI Long-Term Advantage Series-II
  • UTI Long-Term Advantage Fund Series-IV
  • UTI Long-Term Advantage Fund Series-V

Arbitrage Fund

  • UTI-Spread Fund

Pre Index Funds

  • UTI Nifty Index Fund

2. UTI Balanced Fund

The main focus of these funds is to minimize the gap between equity and debt schemes. The composition of the portfolio is build up of a mix of equity stocks and bonds and that would adjust the interests of those investors who are looking for a debt plus returns with higher levels of risk as compared to fixed income schemes.Investors have a choice to make their best investment by selecting from a wide range of UTI Balanced Fund which are broadly classified as :

Pure Balanced Funds

  • UTI Balanced Funds/Balanced Mutual Funds

Segment Focussed Funds

  • UTI-CCP Advantage Fund
  • UTI Charitable & Religious Trust & Registered Society
  • UTI Child Plans/Children Career Plans-Balanced Plan
  • UTI Smart Woman Savings Plan
  • UTI-Retirement Benefit & Pension Fund Plans
  • UTI-Unit Linked Insurance Plans & Policy(ULIP)

Monthly Income Schemes

  • UTI-MIS Advantage Plan

3. UTI Debt Funds

Debt funds are those funds which predominately invest in bonds and other debt instruments. They are designed for the purpose of wealth creation while preserving their initial investment. These funds primarily accommodate those investors who wish to enhance their current income while assuming low to medium level of risk. The debt mutual fund types offered by UTI Mutual Fund are as follows:

Segment Focussed Funds

  • UTI Income Opportunities Fund
  • UTI-Bond Fund
  • UTI Dynamic Bond Funds/Dynamic Bond Mutual Funds
  • UTI-Floating Rate Fund STP
  • UTI-Gilt Advantage Fund LTP
  • UTI G-Sec STP
  • UTI Short Term Income Funds
  • UTI Treasury Advantage Fund
  • UTI Banking & PSU Debt Fund
  • UTI Monthly Income Plan & Scheme
  • UTI Medium Term Fund

Liquid Funds Category

  • UTI-Liquid Fund/Liquid Mutual Funds
  • UTI-Money Market Fund

Close-Ended Debt NFO

  • UTI Capital Protection Oriented Scheme Series IX-I 1467 Days
  • UTI-Fixed-Term-Income Fund-Series-XXVI-XIV-1105-Days

4. UTI Exchange Traded Fund

Exchange Traded Funds replicate the movement of an index, a commodity or a basket of assets in close proportion and trade like shares on a stock exchange. These securities are backed by physical holdings of the commodity and invest in stocks of companies, currencies and precious metals. The advantage of these funds is the flexibility to buy and sell the units throughout the day on a stock exchange. The best performing mutual funds India offered by UTI Mutual Fund under UTI Exchange Traded Fund are as follows:

  • UTI Nifty Exchange Traded Fund
  • UTI Sensex-Exchange Traded Fund

Disclaimer: Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.