Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • Wishfin (Registered under Mywish Marketplaced Pvt. Ltd. ) is a Mutual Fund distributor (ARN-115637 ) which facilitates Mutual Fund transactions using a third party payment gateway.
  • Investors will use the bank account registered with Wishfin and not any other bank account
  • Money is not transferred to wishfin but is remitted to the bank account of Asset Management Companies using third party payment gateway pool account.
  • Transactions will be completed only after successful transfer of money from the customer’s bank account registered with wishfin and it is remitted to Asset management companies.
  • Transaction once completed cannot be cancelled since units will be allotted by the Asset management company and if investor wishes to withdraw the money, units will have to be redeemed from the Mutual Funds.
  • In case of successful debit of money but failure of transaction or rejection of investment transactions, money will be refunded within 72 hrs to the registered bank account with wishfin.