DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund

Overview of DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund company is counted as one of the premier asset management companies in India having a track record of over 19 years of investment excellence. The joint venture of DSP BlackRock is a combination of DSP Group, the 150 year old Indian Firm and the world's largest investment management firm, BlackRock. DSP group is headed by Mr. Hemendra Kothari and is known to be one of the oldest and most reputed financial services firms in India. During 1860s, the firm commenced with its stock broking business and the family behind the group has outstretched its growth and professionalism in the realms of capital markets and money management business in India.

The world's largest investment management firm, BlackRock is widely been trusted for managing excess of money as compared to any other investment firm in the world. Millions of retail investors from around the world, governments, large foundations and companies including 94 of the Fortune 100 and 20 of the top 25 insurers globally prefer to confide in with Black Rock with their money. Morever, by getting invested in DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund, every investor seeks enrichment from a team of expert investment professionals in domestic capital markets and at the same time getting access from more than 700 investment professionals from over 135 investment teams at BlackRock worldwide.

Board of Directors for DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd.

The list of board of directors are as under:

  • Andrew Reynolds (Additional Director)
  • David Graham (Director)
  • Dr. Omkar Goswami (Founder and Chairman of CERG Advisory Private Limited)
  • Hemendra Kothari (Non-executive chairman)
  • Piyush Mankad (Retired civil servant)
  • Ranjan Pant (Management consultant)
  • Ryan David Stork (Head of Asia Pacific for BlackRock)
  • S. Ramadorai (Independent Director)
  • Susan L Wagner (Board Member, BlackRock)
  • Uday Khanna (Non-executive Chairman of Bata India Limited)


The registrar of DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. is Computer Age Management Services (P) Ltd.

Fund Managers

The following is the list of Fund Managers:

  • Anup Maheshwari (Head – Equities)
  • Apoorva Shah (Fund Manager)
  • Atul Bhole (Fund Manager)
  • Harrish Zaveri (Fund Manager)
  • Jay Kothari (Fund Manager)
  • Kedar Karnik (Fund Manager)
  • Laukik Bagwe (Fund Manager)
  • M. Suryanarayanan (Fund Manager)
  • Mayur Patel (Fund Manager)
  • Pankaj Sharma (Fund Manager)
  • Rohit Singhania (Fund Manager)
  • Vikram Chopra (Fund Manager)
  • Vinit Sambre (Fund Manager)
  • Vivek Ved (Fund Manager)

Products offered by DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund

There are total 31 schemes offered by DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund which are broadly classified as under:

1. Equity schemes

Equities are the most preferred investment choice amongst retail investors. Although it reflects a high-risk in the short-term but investors can target for capital growth in the long-run. If you are at your starting phase of earning stage and focus on long-term benefits, growth schemes could be your ideal choice for you.

The following are the eleven equity schemes offered by DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund :

  • DSP BlackRock Top100 Equity Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Equity Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund
  • DSP BlackRock India TIGER Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Small and Mid Cap Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Natural Resources & New Energy Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Equity Savings Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Focus 25 Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Technology.com Fund

2. Hybrid/FoF Schemes

This scheme allows the investors to enjoy growth and income at periodic intervals. Funds are invested in a combination of both equities and fixed-income securities; the proportion is determined in advance and divulged in the scheme related offer document. These are appropriate for the cautiously aggressive investors.

There are three Hybrid/FoF Schemes offered by DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund:

  • DSP BlackRock Balanced Fund
  • DSP BlackRock MIP Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund

3. Debt Schemes

In a debt/income plan, a major portion of the investible corpus is targetted towards investing in debentures, government securities, and other debt instruments. However, this is comparatively low-risk return investment option which are appropriate for investors seeking a regular income.

There are eleven schemes offered by DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund:

  • DSP BlackRock Constant Maturity 10Y G-Sec Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Government Securities Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Banking and PSU Debt Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Bond Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Ultra Short Term Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Liquidity Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Money Manager Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Income Opportunities Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Short Term Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Treasury Bill Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Strategic Bond Fund

4. International FoF

Get exposure to international funds which serves the purpose of multi-manager funds. It is an investment strategy where a fund invests in other types of funds globally. These funds are primarily designed to escape from Indian exposure in mutual funds arising from the market forces like policy paralysis, rating downgrades, high inflation, financial fraud and earnings slowdown. These funds have a balanced combination of equity and debt instruments, although high-risks but meant to deliver higher returns.

There are six International Fund of Funds offered by DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund:

  • DSP BlackRock US Flexible Equity Fund
  • DSP BlackRock World Agriculture Fund
  • DSP BlackRock World Energy Fund
  • DSP BlackRock Global Allocation Fund
  • DSP BlackRock World Gold Fund
  • DSP BlackRock World Mining Fund

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.