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Overview of SBI Mutual Fund

SBI Mutual Funds has been set up in 1987, originally under the aegis of SBI Capital Markets Ltd. and are diligently administered by SBI Funds Management Company. With 30 years of rich experience in fund management, SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. offers a vast array of schemes to cater to the diverse needs of investors, both retail and institutional through their Portfolio Management Schemes(PMS). Being a proud descendant of India's largest bank-State Bank of India(SBI), SBI Mutual Fund finds its emergence as a result of the joint venture between SBI and AMUNDI(France).

Presently, SBI Mutual Fund serves the diverse need of the investors over 222 points of acceptance across India. The utmost dedication backed by a guiding philosophy of 'growth through innovation' has ensured excellency to surpass from the first stage of product development to the post-investment stage. This dedication becomes a backbone for all customers in order to help them to achieve their financial objectives.

Board of Directors for SBI Asset Management Company Limited

The list of board of directors are as under:

1. AMC Directors

  • Smt. Arundhati Bhattacharya (Chairman and Associate Director)
  • Mr. Shishir Joshipura (Independent Director)
  • Smt. Anuradha Rao (Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer)
  • Mr. Fathi Jerfel (Associate Director)
  • Mr. Jashvant Raval (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Nicolas Simon (Alternate Director to Mr. Fathi Jerfel)
  • Mr. Om Prakash Gahrotra (Independent Director)
  • Dr. Prafulla Agnihotri (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Dinesh Kumar Khara (Associate Director)
  • Mr. Jean-Yves Glain (Associate Director)

2. Trustee Directors

  • Mr. Dhruv Prakash (Independent Director)
  • Dr. Ashima Goyal (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Shriniwas Y. Joshi (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Krishnamurthy Vijayan (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Richard Mendonca (Associate Director)
  • Mrs. Manju Agarwal (Associate Director)


The registrar of SBI Asset Management Company Limited is Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Fund Managers

1. Equity Fund Managers

  • Mr. R Srinivasan (Head of Equity)
  • Ms. Sohini Andani (Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Richard D'Souza (Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Dinesh Balachandran (Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Anup Upadhyay (Fund Manager)
  • Ms. Nidhi Chawla (Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Saurabh Pant (Analyst & Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Tanmaya Desai (Analyst & Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Ruchit Mehta (Analyst & Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Shashank Tulsyan (Analyst & Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Raviprakash Sharma (Head of Equity Dealing & Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Neeraj Kumar(Equity Dealer & Fund Manager)

2. Debt Fund Managers

  • Mr. Rajeev Radhakrishnan (Head of Fixed Income & Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Dinesh Ahuja (Fund Manager)
  • Mr. R. Arun (Fund Manager)
  • Ms. Mansi Sajeja (Credit Analyst, Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Lokesh Mallya (Fund Manager)
  • Ms. Ranjana Gupta (Fixed Income Dealer & Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Mahak Khabia (Dealer & Fund Manager)
  • Mr. Ravi Ratanpal (Fund Manager)

Products offered by SBI Mutual Fund

1. SBI Mutual Fund Equity Schemes

These schemes offer long-term capital growth through investment in stocks or shares of highly rated companies. SBI equity schemes are known for their consistency in performance which fosters high returns. They are categorized to be high-risk funds. SBI Mutual Fund consists a total of 29 schemes in its category.

2. SBI Mutual Fund Debt Schemes

As compared to SBI Mutual Funds, these schemes are meant to provide lower returns. The debt funds invest in different short-term fixed income securities like treasury bills, commercial paper, certificate of deposit and government bonds. Only 9 debt schemes come under this category.

3. SBI Hybrid Mutual Funds

These schemes invest in a balanced proportion of equity and debt instruments with varying compositions. The combination of equity and debt provide investors different avenues of several hybrid funds to choose from. There are 24 schemes of the company which comes in this category.

4. SBI Mutual Fund Liquid Schemes

The liquid schemes provided by SBI Mutual Funds are classified into the low-risk category which generates moderate returns and is suited for investors with the short-term investment horizon. There are only 3 schemes which fall into this category.

5. SBI Fixed Maturity Plans

These schemes are closed-ended debt schemes which have a fixed maturity date. They invest in debt and money market instruments on or before the maturity date of the scheme. There are various fixed maturity plans falling under the debt fund series of SBI Mutual Fund with different maturities.

6. SBI Gold Exchange Traded Scheme

These schemes are the high-risk investment which augments returns so closely to mirror the performance of the gold subject to tracking error. There are seven schemes which fall in this category.

7. SBI Fund of Funds

The investment of these funds is made in either other schemes of the same mutual fund or other mutual funds. It spreads the risks through a broad array by investing in another mutual fund scheme. SBI Gold Fund is an example of Funds of Funds scheme offered by SBI Mutual Fund.

Disclaimer: Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.