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When you’re out to invest, you hear a lot of advice...

"Real Estate never goes down, invest in a flat", "FDs are the safe option","MFs are volatile","Insurance is the way to go long term".

These are just opinions, not always based on facts. The real answer lies in the hard numbers. Let’s compare the average returns of different investment avenues over different lengths of time.

Which one stands the test of Consistent Returns?

  • Return in 5 Years
    • Mutual Funds17.75%
    • Real Estate8%
    • Fixed Deposit5.7%
    • Life Insurance (ULIP)11.09%
  • Return in 10 Years
    • Mutual Funds9.97%
    • Real Estate13.40%
    • Fixed Deposit5.2%
    • Life Insurance (ULIP)NA
  • Return in 15 Years
    • Mutual Funds23.24%
    • Real Estate10.80%
    • Fixed Deposit5.1%
    • Life Insurance (ULIP)NA

Clearly, MFs have outperformed other investments, consistently, both in the short and the long term. Wishfin recommends that while you need to keep your investments diversified, you should allocate a healthy amount to mutual funds for the long term.

Note – Above returns are compounded annual growth return (CAGR) over different periods of time. The return data of MF, real estate and fixed deposits are sourced from economic times & value research. The ULIP return data is obtained from Morningstar. MF returns mentioned is for multi-cap diversified fund sourced from Value research as on 28 Oct’2017.

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