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Here’s WhyMutual Funds Make The Max SenseFor Tax-Saving compared to FDs and Insurance

Mutual Fund Fixed Deposit Life Insurance
3 Years Lock-in period5 Years Lock-in period5 Years Lock-in period
High Return as linked to EquityFixed ReturnsLow Returns
Tax-free Returns from MF are tax freeTaxable Returns are taxableTax-free but with conditions
Better Liquidity as ELSS funds have shortest lock in period of 3 yearsLow LiquidityLow Liquidity as not redeemable quickly
In short, Mutual Funds offer you the flexibility, liquidity as well as the potential for great returns, while giving you substantial tax savings!

Why Wishfin

  • Choice of Top AMCs
  • MF Plans tailored to your needs
  • MF Ratings you can trust-Value Research
  • Hasslefree eKYC
  • Investment Guidance from Wish Experts
  • Research based fund recommendation

*Tax Benefit of 46,350* is calculated on investment of 1,50,000 at the highest tax slab rate of 30% under section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961.