SBI Magnum Gilt (Debt, Gilt)

18 yrs 2 monthsStarted on:30 Dec 2000
₹ 1538.26 Cras on: 15 Feb 2019
Mid Term & Long Horizon
Income Generation

Minimum Investment

  • ₹ 5000.00 for Lumpsum

Investment Objective

The scheme aims to generate returns through investments in government securities. It will normally maintain an average maturity of more than three years.

Exit Load

Scheme Documents

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TenureReturns (CAGR)
1 Month0.18
3 Month2.57
1 YR6.52
2 YR5.05
3 YR8.28

SIP Returns

TenureReturns (CAGR)
1 YR7.65
2 YR4.71
3 YR5.66
5 YR7.65
10 YR8.77


Company Name% Assets
GOI 08/01/2028 7.17%30.61
Reserve Bank of India 91-D 18/04/201916.03
GOI 2032 7.95%12.35
Reserve Bank of India 182-D 13/06/20198.89
Reserve Bank of India 182-D 27/06/20196.33
Reserve Bank of India 91-D 14/02/20194.86
Reserve Bank of India 182-D 06/06/20194.77
Reserve Bank of India 364-D 14/11/20191.59
Reserve Bank of India 182-D 22/03/20191.29
GOI 16/04/2023 7.37%0.98

Top Sectoral Holdings

Sector Name% Assets


Standard Deviation4.82%
Sharpe Ratio0.33

Dinesh Ahuja

Mr. Ahuja is a B.Com (H) and MMS (Finance).
Prior to joining SBI AMC he has worked with L&T Investment management Ltd., Reliance Asset Management Ltd and Reliance General insurance Company Ltd.

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