Reliance Retirement Fund Income Generation Scheme (Hybrid, Hybrid Conservative Hybri)

Moderately High
4 yrs 8 monthsStarted on:11 Feb 2015
₹ 247.91 Cras on: 13 Sep 2019
Medium Horizon
Capital Growth and Income

Minimum Investment

  • ₹ 5000.00 for Lumpsum

Investment Objective

The scheme seeks to provide capital appreciation and consistent income to the investors which will be in line with their retirement goals by investing in a mix of securities comprising of equity, equity related instruments and fixed income securities.

Exit Load

Entry load: Nil. Exit load: 1% if redeemed/switched out before attainment of 60 years of age. Nil in case of Auto SWP/Redemption/Switch out on or after attainment of 60 years of age or after completion of 5 years lock in period, whichever is later. Nil in case of switch made from Reliance Retirement Fund - Wealth Creation Scheme to Reliance Retirement Fund - Income Generation Scheme or vice versa. The above investment is eligible for availing tax benefits under clause (xiv) of Sub-section (2) of Section 80C of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (the Act) read with notification No. 90/214/F.No.178/63/2012-ITA-I dated 23/12/2014

Scheme Documents

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TenureReturns (CAGR)
3 Month0.97
1 YR12.93
2 YR4.01
3 YR5.64

SIP Returns

TenureReturns (CAGR)
1 YR10.85
2 YR7.99
3 YR6.49


Company Name% Assets
GOI 01/12/2044 8.17%37.07
GOI 2032 7.95%15.37
GOI 15/09/2039 7.62%10.72
GOI 22/06/2045 8.13%6.03
GOI 28/11/2051 6.62%3.86
HDFC Bank Ltd.2.39
National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development 13/12/2028 8.22%2.13
GOI 10/10/2046 7.06%2.09
GOI 15/06/2049 7.72%1.76
GOI 12/12/2041 8.83%1.45

Top Sectoral Holdings

Sector Name% Assets


Standard Deviation5.9%

Sanjay Parekh,Anju Chhajer,Kinjal Desai

Mr. Parekh is a B.Com (H) and Chartered Accountant.Ms. Chhajer is a B.Com (H) and a Chartered Accountant.Ms. Desai is MSc(Economics)
Prior to joining Reliance Mutual Fund he has worked with ICICI Prudential MF, Ask Investments Managers, Prabhudas Lilladher, Sunidhi Consultancy Services, Insight Asset Management and Capital Market Magazine.Prior to joining Reliance Mutual Fund Ltd. as a fund manager, she has worked with National Insurance Company as a Money Maker Instruments and D.C Dharewa & Co.Associate Equity Investments at RNAM Assisting lead Analyst in Equity Research, idea generation and sector Monitoring., assisting Fund Managers in Stock Selection and monitoring of overseas investments.

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